Michael Eckert

Michael, diagnosis married with two children started investing in the mid 1980?s using simple forms of Technical Analysis and spent many of hours researching Fundamentals of various Companies that he invested in through the years. It was not until the 2005 that he started spending more time investigating different approaches of TA, cure than late in 2008 he was able to get a break-though when meeting a follow trader(Goodvibe) on Motley Fools CAPS that inspired him to dig deep and learn about all of the different forms of TA. Since that time he has been inducted into the “Hall of Fame” at Stockcharts as well as producing a very successful blog on the markets.

Michael continues his work exploring new forms of TA after teaming up with Anchak back in the summer of 2009 to develop new proprietary indicators for the markets, including his latest, the Trendfinder II.

In his spare time Michael also leads the Rough and Ready 4-H club with 45 kids and participates on the local Fair board. During summer he can be found at all the major Sheep shows in the Pacific North-west with his Suffolk Sheep.

(Still work in progress)

Michael can be contacted at michael@elliottwavetrendsandcharts.com

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