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Albertarocks is well known on Seeking Alpha and is currently ranked among the top 30 commenters from a registered base of nearly one million.  He is better known for his technical perspectives where he puts a good deal of study into meaningful inter-market relationships as well as a focus on what the domestic market is revealing as seen in the structure of the market internals.  Some of his work has been quoted and/or reproduced by such names as John Lounsbury and Phil Davis of Phil’s Stock World.  One of the charts which he’s already revealed to the readership here at EW Trends and Charts will be featured in a soon-to-be-published book written by Michael Clark, discount an American currently residing in Viet Nam.  ‘Rocks’ is also well known for his occasional rants which often leave the reader just as infuriated as AR is, but often chuckling at his sometimes colorful use of words.

As well, his contributions might be considered somewhat unique by the majority of our readership in that he is not a resident of the United States and as such does offer a perspective which tends to represent what the rest of the world sees from the outside looking in.  He tends to look at the broader global picture.  His main source of business television is the outstanding Business News Network in Canada where he has access to lengthy interviews with many American authors, economists and investing personalities who are seldom (if ever) invited to speak on American business media networks.  As such, he is also able to provide timely links to video of any or all of these interviews including outstanding names such as Erik Sprott, Mark Faber, Edward Harrison, Phil Davis, Matt Taibbi, Peter Schiff and many, many more.  He is fully aware of the global banking oligarchy, the sad state of the global credit condition and has his views on where it’s all heading.  Right or wrong, once he goes on a tangent his points of view are often high spirited not to mention peppered with some attitude, a sprinkle of salt and a bit of wit.

AR is the first to admit that he is not a professional economist. As a graduate of Canada’s highly rated and internationally recognized Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s faculty of Structural Engineering, he tends to think in mathematical terms and claims to have the capacity to understand anything logical but nothing that is illogical. In this regard, trying to fully understand the world of global economics represents what he considers to be the greatest challenge of his life… and his passion. His greatest accomplishments? His son and his daughter.

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